22-year old singer and guitarist Marcel from lower Austria has been living for music since he was a child.
Marcel now returns with the heartbreaking new single ‘I Guess’. The track opens with soft acoustics and delicate vocals which are contrasted by the introspective and hard-hitting lyrics of the chorus, giving the track an assertive and bold edge. ‘I Guess’ shows Marcel at his most honest and authentic self yet as he uses the track to reflect on his mistakes. 

Marcel on what the track means to him:

“Nothing ever made me feel as lost in the world as this one special breakup – I was so hurt. Everything felt so unfair. I rather got drunk and talked other people down than looking in the mirror and being honest to myself. Cause deep down I knew… I f* it up.”

In 2019, after living abroad for 11 years, the internationally successful record producer Phil Speiser moved back to Vienna and was introduced to the Austrian talent. After showcasing his voice in Phil‘s studio the producer instantly realized that Marcel‘s impressive and emotional voice is not only a rare find in Austria but also potential for an international breakthrough.

After only a few sessions Marcel‘s first song ‘I Want To Be Yours’ was completed and released in November 2020. With around 1 Million Streams across all platforms, big playlist placements and support from leading radio stations the newcomer instantly got a lot of attention. In May 2021, Marcel returned with ‘Back To You’ the first single of Marcel’s upcoming debut EP. ‘Back To You’ showed off Marcel’s ability to convey raw emotion through his despairing lyrics and effortlessly smooth vocals.

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