Manta’s new double single “Teasing,” and “Echobaby” are offering up the coolest way to close out your Summer. The tracks which compliment each other from start to finish, make Manta an indie band to watch in 2021. “Teasing” offers up a lighter, almost twee-pop feel side of the band while “Echobaby” is filled with dreamy tones that float over a hypnotic bed of instrumentation.


Formed in Princeton, NJ, Manta is a psychedelic rock band consisting of Jack Brickner (vocals/bass), Charlie Guarino (vocals/guitar), Sam Guarino (vocals/guitars) and Mike LaFisca (drums). The group specializes in delivering dynamic musicianship, meticulous arrangements, mood-inducing grooves, and thoughtful lyricism in the form of tightly crafted pop songs. The band expands upon decades of popular music, mixing various genre textures (jazz, tropicália, funk, disco, to name a few) and adding layers of sonic flourishes in a manner reminiscent of the experimentally-minded ethos of the 60s and 70s.

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