“Mamma maybe I love a man and oh/ mamma maybe he’s from Japan and oh/ mamma run away if you can and oh/ don’t you love me?” sings John Greska in his newest folktronica and neo-folk single “Mamma Maybe.” Not only do his deliberately crafted lyrics make a home in your head for days, his melody takes hold of your faculties, unable to escape the infectious tune. “Mamma Maybe” was inspired by John’s fascination with history and his questions about the people who lived it. The overall theme is that of change and how people dealt with the many changes that happened in history from the 40’s to the 90’s.

“I want to convey that times change, and with it so do ideas,” shares John. “It can be hard for some people to accept that, so hard that it even splits up families. I don’t want it to, I don’t think anybody wants it to. The “main character” of the song so to speak wants more than anything just to be back with his family, his mom again, but she’s so stuck in her anger and her tired ideology that that might never happen.”

“Mamma Maybe” reflects a fictional story of a mother and a son and the family history with the backdrop of world history. He beautifully ties the events of history together with how it effected families, like Stonewall and World War 2. Musically, he employs more of a harsher sound exemplifying the mother’s experiences that the son understands, while the chorus and hook is softer and personifies the son’s point of view and hope for acceptance of the mother. It’s both melancholic and assertive with the juxtaposition of both viewpoints

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John’s music is of the fusion variety, combining elements of pop lyricism and melodies with the instrumentation of modern classical music and electronic bass rhythms. He is inspired by other artists who also integrate this kind of fusion into their music, such as Fun. with their instrumental pop, and Rosalía with her flamenco pop.

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