Written by: Melanie Gomez

Mama K & The Shades are a unique band with sounds that range from a touch of funk, jazz, R&B, rock, and more, all the way from Austin, Texas! Consisting of Kelsey Garcia, Willie Barnes, Johnny Storbeck, David Thacker, Lee Braverman, Chris Barnes, Wesley Gonzales, Joseph Morrow, Dustin Hunter, and Donald McDaniel, when you listen to this group you’ll feel like you’ve taken a blast from the past into a world of funk.

When you hit play on “Too Wide” off of their album “Honey Made,” you’re hit with a brass intro. Your’re then hit with some trumpets and well.. the rest is history. Backed up with Kelsey’s jazzy voice, we were already dancing and having a good time less than one minute into the song. To make things more interesting, they even added a guitar solo into the track. This group was not kidding when they said they were known to be a mix of funk, jazz, R&B, rock, and more. At first we were hesitant about the group, thinking “how could they do all these genres at once?” But they did! And shockingly, it works.

Clearly their funky hits are working, because Mama K & The Shades will be playing SXSW!
Check out the show details below:
Maggie Mae’S Rooftop – Mar 15, 2017
1:00am – 1:50am
Half Step – Mar 18, 2017
1:00am – 1:50am
Click HERE to purchase Honey Made, or just simply listen to the tracks.

Mama K & The Shades