Madelyn Victoria is an artist extraordinaire, to say the least. The Texas native from San Benito has an inborn talent for the arts and her stellar career has been nothing short of a long streak of successive victories. Unlike many artists who after making a great first impression rest on their laurels and hide behind their previous success, Madelyn has only been getting better and better with each successive release.

Her forthcoming single Good At Goodbye is an adequate testament to that. The amount of growth and evolution on the song makes it hard to believe Madelyn is the same artist who wrote and performed the chart-topping and award-winning debut single He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor as well as the beautiful Amarillo By Morning cover that became a fan-favorite.

Good At Goodbye is the quintessential country song. It is, however, peppered with subtle musical undertones, probably from her native Texas, which make the record much more soulful and sonically pleasant. The sweet, harmonious melody produced by the gentle strumming of the lead guitar seamlessly combines with other acoustic instruments to create a serene, reminiscent ambiance that triggers bitter-sweet memories of the past.

The song’s lyrics are mournful and laced with tones of melancholy as Madelyn bemoans her and her lover’s separation. In the chorus, Madelyn laments the lover’s nonchalant attitude towards her when she sings “You are good at goodbye…you are good at this game, won’t say my name, and I don’t know why, are you good at goodbye?”

The most spectacular aspect of the song however is the effortless transitioning from themes of distress and despair in the first verse to realization and emotional emancipation in the second and third verse. The first verse constitutes lines such as “You’re laughing and smiling…now I’m crying and sighing, why did you go?” while the second verse has lyrics like “Sometimes a heart does need to break for a better endeavor to take place.”

This realization further evolves into what borders on spite for the pain Madelyn’s lover caused her when she sings on the bridge at the end that “I wanna thank you for hurting me so bad, cause thanks to you I have my kids and a loving man.” At this point in the song, Madelyn has completely made peace with her tragedy and has found something to be happy about.

Good At Goodbye is a beautiful musical journey that takes you through the stages of a romantic breakup and how it changes your perspective of what happens in life. The song is definitely one to look out for.

–Kenneth Dujour