Groundbreaking genre-defying Lush Puppy release their new single Hoarder Vibes together with their upcoming sophomore EP Copy Crauw.
Showing yet another side of the band, Hoarder Vibes is about hoarding – the obsessive compulsive disorder of buying stuff we don’t need. Or is it about something else? While melodically revolving around a pulsating synth bass, lyrically the track leaves no family member unmentioned. Lush Puppy prove once again they refuse to be pigeonholed!

Hoarder Vibes
Mommah is a hoarder
Daddy is a hoarder
Sistah is a hoarder
Brother is a hoarder
Auntie is a hoarder
M’uncle is a hoarder
Grandma is a hoarder
Grandpa is a hoarder
I’m a hoar…. derrrrrr

For fans of: Peaches, The Ting Tings, Missy Elliott, M.I.A.

Hoarder Vibes is out now on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

writer: Gabriel Vezzola, Roos Ooteman | ISRC: NL-TH1-20-00050


Copy Crauw

With four new singles under their belt it is time for Lush Puppy’s sophomore EP, called Copy Crauw!
The name Copy Crauw might be a corruption of when a parrot says ‘Polly Wants A Cracker’ – in Dutch that is ‘Koppie Krauw’, which loosely translates into ‘scratch my head’.

What happens if you put an audiotist and a pie-loving hazard to society together? Well, you get a Lush Puppy. What is Lush Puppy you ask? It’s a mix between electronica, kickass beats, punk guitar riffs and a vocalist who raps like a little demon and sings like an angel. Highly contradictory but ain’t that when the real flavors come out?
Forget the served on a platter, the manners. Just take it in.

The four tracks on new EP Copy Crauw showcase the versatility of the duo, sometimes inclining towards fierce language female rappers like Missy Elliot, Lil’ Kim and M.I.A., other times digging into EDM of the past decades, but always with a refreshing sound and a little bit trashy! Is it grime, rap, trip-hop, pop or electronic? It’s Lush Puppy!

Previous singles got airplay in the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, and The Netherlands a.o.

Electronic poppy music madness duo Lush Puppy are vocalist, artist and stylist Roos Ooteman and Gabriel Vezzola a.k.a. DJ Gabriel.

Copy Crauw (EP) is out now on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

Track List
1. Kill For Fun
2. One Eyed Snake
3. Get Off My Back!
4. Hoarder Vibes

writer: Gabriel Vezzola, Roos Ooteman
EAN: 8718857902225

‘You want to shake your booty, you want to feel naughty, you want to dance yourself bananas? Then puckish trip-hop tandem Lush Puppy is your x-rated poison’ Turn Up The Volume!