Luke Warm and the Cold Ones are a rock band based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. As such, their music is reflective of the Northern experience of living in a small Canadian town. Much of their music focuses on the more painful side of the human condition, but in a fun way that gets people moving and having a good time in a therapeutic way.

Their new song, “Kip City,” was inspired by how easy it is to lose sight of what really matters in life when you’re focused on pleasing everyone else, living in the moment too much, or constantly chasing temptation.

Kip City is a fictional dirty run-down town full of good times and empty promises. Similar to the island in Pinocchio where the boys turn into donkeys, it may look tempting initially, but it comes at a price.

The name of the song came from their rhythm guitar player, Kyle (nicknamed Kip), who came up with the original idea for the song. The band started constructing a fictional city in their heads as the setting for the song, based on all the things that Kip likes. Time seems to fly by faster every year but ironically when you want it to go faster, it almost seems to grind to a halt. The main character in this song has spent so much time living in the moment that she has no connections and no place to call home — that longing to go home has left her frozen in time.