From her second full-length album Hope, Louise Cappi releases the single “Keep That Dream Alive.” This track features a groovy funk which pulsates with the listener to create a vibe worthy of her New Orleans influence. Couple this groove with some jazz-inspired guitar melodies and solos, Louise Cappi touches on the essence of what makes a blues jam sound magnificent and full. The theme of this track revolves around inspiration and hope which Louise Cappi offers her audience in an uplifting manner. This message resonates with the listener as she pronounces the heart of the matter, that you can accomplish anything; “Keep that dream alive, don’t be afraid to try, you can fly, like an eagle, to the sky.” That underlying groove that is ever-present throughout this track is key to the funk which Louise is trying to incorporate into her lyrical structure. This groove is slightly syncopated from the full-drum tone capturing movement and resolution within each of her lyrical stanzas. “Keep That Dream Alive” is meant to elicit a reaction from the fan, as they catch that beat and get up and dance. The guitars contrast the vocals in a way that allows Louise Cappi to fully express her dynamic range, to explore these musical concepts presented to her, and allow her to return right in the pocket with that funk bass.

“Keep That Dream Alive” released on MTS records, has had a great reception as a single, following the success of “Hope” (the title track from her latest LP) and “Summertime” from her Melange album of 2017. “Keep That Dream Alive” captures the feel of the album as an inspirational offering, which entertains yet challenges the listener to look deeper within themselves, to be better, and to keep the music playing. This track is professionally mixed, with every frequency kept in its respective spectrum, and with the allotted headroom, the overtones from Louise Cappi’s voice and that killer guitar ring out crisp and clear, even at high volumes. Personally, I love this track; it captures the New Orleans vibe with precision and integrity. The party-like atmosphere coupled with the professional musicianship is a testament to the long-enduring southern vibe which everyone should experience in their lifetimes.

–Lee Callaghan