Having gradually built his standing as an artist over the last few years, earning over a million streams and radio play from BBC Introducing, Loome is back with his new EP ‘We’re All Fvcked’, an infectious collection of pop tracks underpinned by some stunning, electro-pop-come-indie soundscapes.

From the tender moments of ‘underwear’ and ‘gameover’, to the catchy hit worthy melodies of ‘hated being 18’ and ‘talking to strangers’ the EP is an exploration of the pitfalls of living as a young adult in the messed up world of the last few year. From breakups to post pandemic relationships, the EP effectively covers melancholic subjects with heartfelt lyricism and delicate vocal delivery over infectious, bedroom-pop soundscapes.

With songwriting to die for, spotless production and some shiver inducing synth and guitar sounds, Loome positively shines across ‘We’re All Fvcked’. Start following him now before you see him on Later With Jools Holland.

Listen to the new EP below: