Long Term Parking is an expansive musical project by three veteran musicians looking to broaden their horizons. The project seeks to create a free platform that allows the trio to bring to fruition a musical vision that they have long been striving for. Always keen on experimenting more and more, Long Term Parkings’s music music synthesises hip hop, rock and alt-pop into a unique sound that also draws influences from classical and folk music.

Their new album with lead single and video ‘King E’. is highly euphoric, and stands as a reminder that there are more and more ways to push the boundaries of what we call INDIE music. The video is brilliantly done and transcendent, going through forests looking for a way out, with no return. The track itself is so clever, leans on many different explorations and you can hear the musicianship seap through from this talented trio.

Check the video for ‘King E’ now.