The band Long Neck is a shining star in the indie scene. On June 21, 2022, they came hard out the gate with their third album titled Soft Animal. My favorite track and the feature of this spotlight is “Gardener”, which also includes some sweet backing vocals from RN Taylor of Los Campesinos!.

It’s one of those songs that you think you can just chill to because of the lighthearted instrumental, but once the singers come in, it’s way heavier than a song to chill to. I can relate to a lot of the lyrics, like feeling lonely or sleeping until afternoon because it’s so hard to face the day. I like songs that let me take a peek at my own life. It makes me wonder if any experience is unique since some music is so relatable.

This is honestly a great track. If you’re looking to get into your feelings, this is definitely a song you need to listen to. It’s not a song you only want to play once either. It gets me every single time. I think I’m gonna take another listen now and so should you!