That’s right, the video for Pet Puma’s ‘Spaceship’ has finally landed, and it’s transporting us through time and space.


Pet Puma are an unlikely band to say the least. Consisting of a professional stuntwoman, an Instagram influencer, a dungeon master, entrepreneur and yes, a songwriter (somewhere in the midst), Pet Puma are a band presenting music unlike anything we’ve heard before. ‘Spaceship’ is a bouncy, funky pop song which takes inspiration from the likes of Prince and the Mystery Jets, and will certainly put a spring in your step. 


The video sees the five-piece getting together to play arts and crafts in a TV show which appears to have popped straight out of the 80s – and also to be taking place in a TV studio in space…? All in a day’s work for the band who are straight out of the starting blocks with a bang, a puff of smoke and a trail left behind in the wake of a giant spaceship (even if said spaceship is made out of cardboard…)


Pet Puma’s debut single serves as the perfect introduction to a band who want to invite you into their universe, fill your ears with intergalactic synth-pop, and make you a cup of tea. The bouncing ‘Spaceship’ is laced in cosmic escapism and the playful 80’s kids TV show video to accompany it has a throwback vibe, with a hefty serving of ‘feel-good’. 


The video for ‘Spaceship’ has landed, but Pet Puma are only just beginning to take off. Watch their rise closely, it’s one you won’t want to miss…