We’re waiting for confirmation from Santa himself, but we think Limahl might’ve had a sneak peak at our Christmas list. Alongside world peace, a cure for Covid, a basket of kittens and a Scalextric with a topsy-turvy loop, we also had ‘old-school Christmas single, ideally with jingle bells and a schmoozy middle-eight’ on there. Because who doesn’t need one of those?


And, almost as if Christmas dreams do come true, the 80s legend has gone and gifted ‘One Wish For A Christmas’ to a grateful nation. It’s a no-holds-barred, leave-your-cynicism-at-the-door, wrap-yourself-up-in-tinsel-and-snuggle-in-front-of-a-sizzling-log-fire yuletide gem, ideally with a kicky mulled wine at hand. Heck, it’s probably even snowing outside. 


Actually beginning life seven years ago as ‘London For Christmas’, the ‘Too Shy’ and ‘Neverending Story’ hit-maker decided that 2020 – the craziest of years – was the year to make ‘One Wish For Christmas’ happen. And he roped in jazz maestro Jon Nickoll and the producer behind East 17’s festive classic ‘Stay Another Day’, Ian Curnow, to help him. 


‘One Wish For Christmas’ is a tender, nostalgia-filled love ballad to dear old London Town – a London Town draped in tinsel and doused in eggnog and covered in snow and kissed, again and again, under the mistletoe – and if it doesn’t give you a tingle where it matters you might just be dead on the inside. Either that, or you need to listen to it again. And again.