Musically captivating from the first note, ‘Just Friends’ was produced by Sammy Gonzalez and further mastered by Ryan Haft. A relatable indie-pop single that comes in a time of need for the heartbroken across the globe, Lily’s comforting vocals speak volumes that we all can familiarise ourselves with. A track that sits happily on repeat, ‘Just Friends’ dives into realms of indie but nudges a polished pop production that could leave it debuting at the top of the charts.

Speaking about creating the track, Lily adds, “This time I knew exactly what I was trying to achieve in the studio. I had a great time building this song and watching it develop. I knew it was going to be something special the second I wrote it, but never knew it could turn out like this. For the first time in a long time, I am happy with one of my songs. It was a super intimate recording process. I was there when all the instruments were being recorded, and the order in which we recorded them was perfect. I started with guitar and vocals, and slowly watched the song blossom.”