Acclaimed for her dark-pop stylings and virtuoso vocal performances, Lia Hide has built a dedicated fan base and widespread acclaim. Now back with the new single ‘Uterus Will’ Lia swaps her soaring vocals for an intense spoken word performance.

An atmospheric, washing soundscape adorns Lia’s monologue, with a delayed bubbling piano line akin to Radiohead’s ‘Daydreaming’ over a tight beat and bass line. Flowing beautifully the track ebbs ad flows towards a stunning trumpet solo which brings another dimension to the airy soundscape.

Described by Lia as: “A spoken word narrative, weaved in a soliloquy. Lover to lover, random thoughts on death, loss and life.” The track’s whimsical, reflective message is reflected perfectly through the loose yet perfectly places synth and guitar lines.

Lia continues: “A woman who has yet to be a mother. A daughter who lost her father-in-law. Cars driving fast and halting abruptly in the illuminated night streams. Lego bricks and the fear of dementia. An electro-pop dark song, reminiscent of 80s Anne Clark, dressed up with jazzy bass and trumpet solos and wrapped up in a Tori Amos fragile ending.”

An effortless demonstration of her imagination as an artist and ability as a composer, ‘Uterus Will’ and the new album ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’ are both out now via Conch Town Records.