Les Techno is an rock/alternative/dance pop artist from New York City who has many skills. He’s a singer and guitarist who has also worked with some pretty big names.

Les Techno made hip-hop tracks with rap artists like Run-DMC, Mobb Deep, and Onyx. He also did a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix, worked with R&B artist Ava Cherry and with the late, legendary funkmaster Bernie Worrell on a record to benefit the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center in New York City. And this is just SOME of what he did. If we kept going, there would be a list!

Now Les Techno is at it again, but this time with his own production that represents songs of social satire. “Come Along” is a groovy, alternative rock tune, with some sick guitar solos that take you back to the 80’s. It’s actually very similar to a David Bowie track! So if you love his music, you’re in for some fun!

Les Techno Releases "Come Along"

Aside from his talent, another thing we love about Les Techno is his attitude. He continues to ignore the unforgettably amusing advice of a “knowledgeable” A&R man at a major record label who said, “You know, genre mixing in this business is dangerous.” Because honestly, anything you do is going to be dangerous in one way or another. So why let it scare you?

If everyone was scared of the dangers, there would never be new music! So we applaud Les Techno for continuing to do what he loves. We think it’s paying off, because in return, we got some pretty awesome music. Based on Les Techno’s look and sound, we can only imagine what a music video would be like for this song. We’d hope for tons of color, that’s for sure!

You can listen to “Come Along for yourself” in three ways below:

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