Giving us all a lesson in easy love this Valentine’s day 2020, model turned artist Leon Grey has recently revealed his relaxed new tune titled ‘Ticket For Your Love’. 

Leon Grey is a Reggae meets R&B artist who has a worldwide and highly supportive fan base throughout his social media channels. Born into a Jamacian and Greek parentage mixed with his upbringing in London, Leon’s origins and diversity of his heritage growing up have significantly impacted his artistry. 

For Grey the medium of music has always played a big part in his life. Citing influenced from the great Dennis Brown to the talented Greggory Issacs it’s evident to hear these iconic role models take influence in Leon Grey’s very own original ‘Ticket For Your Love’. 

Over the span of many years Leon had been carefully crafting a memorable, likeable and most of all unique sound and style to set him apart from artists in the Reggae and R&B genre of music and it seems his debut ‘Ticket For Your Love’ has ticked all of these boxes. 

Check out Leon Grey’s single down below.