Leol has just released his new single Savages. This tune could absolutely become an earworm because it has quite a hypnotic quality and maintains the same tempo throughout. The song was inspired by a visit to a Gentlemen’s Club in LA. Described variously as ‘sexy,’ ‘infectious,’ and ‘seductive,’ everyone needs a quiet reminder to let their hair down and let it all out now and again, which this track delivers quite openly.

Leol produced this track as well as provided the vocals – a mix of rapping and singing. The slower, rhythmically steady, syncopated beat is closer to R&B than rap and allows Leol to revel in the vocals, telling the story in an elegantly clear sing-song style that puts the listener right there with him in the club. He delivers a vocal that seems more like a stream of consciousness or a conversation at times, which many people can relate to directly from their own lived experience.

Leol is from Chicago, Illinois, and comes from the same hip-hop and rap scene that influenced Kanye, Chance the Rapper, and Common. He makes smooth, melodic rap that is mellower than some of the rhymes out there at present, and as such, may be easier for new converts to the scene to appreciate. He tends to pen frank lyrics on themes of love and sexual attraction and has received positive reviews from many media outlets recently.

When he’s not making music, Leol can be found working the room at award shows, building his network, and seeking finance deals. He’s also a keen gamer when time allows. Apart from relationships and attraction, he is inspired by the seasons and colors of nature. He’s not the first creative to be inspired by the natural world or the world of human attraction, that’s for sure. But he has a knack for using vivid descriptions to relay feelings and thoughts common to many people while giving the impression that he’s speaking privately to the listener alone.

Savages, overall, is a very slick and professional track, with high recording and production values combined with lyrics that ring true to life for many people. Leol has already gained attention for his previous releases, Type and Sing 2 You, with Type, in particular, receiving regular radio play. Leol has built on this success with Savages, which looks set to follow in the chart and radio play footsteps established by Type.

Leol’s social media links are all available via his linktr.ee listing.