There are so many distractions in modern living. What if we were just to press pause? That’s how it feels to listen to Leo Sawikin’s music – a meandering mid-tempo take on folk-rock which displays its creativity and its boldness on its chest.

“Things are getting more difficult in the world,” Leo says. “It’s kind of like letting go of that and trying to figure out what you do after everything falls apart. When I wrote these songs, they were about the way my friends and I were thinking, that the world we think we have is not going to last long.”

This could be a call for a bleakness, and hopelessness, but instead its a feeling which sets Sawikin’s music free. If there’s nothing to lose, why not go for the thing you’ve been waiting for this whole time?

‘A Whole World Waiting’ is out Friday 16th April 2021.