Leo Guardo joins forces with electronic duo Cali Satellites for new single ‘Only The Good Ones’ alongside vocalist Brontë Horder.

Electronic-pop & House duo Cali Satellites, DJ Leo Guardo and vocalist Brontë Horder have come together on their stunning new single ‘Only The Good Ones’. The title from the trio’s new four track EP released via Top Town Records, ‘Only The Good Ones’ is a gorgeous Electronic-Pop track which demonstrates the trio’s remarkable chemistry and ability to create emotional yet exciting, commercially viable music that incorporates elements of Pop and Dance music. 

Speaking about how the track was written, Cali Satellites, DJ Leo Guardo and Brontë Horder explain: “This song started as a jam between Brontë & Adam. At the time we were listening to stories of people who had distorted perceptions of themselves. As Brontë was searching for a melody, out came the lyrics, being at war with ourselves and wanting to reframe the way we think and speak about our minds and our bodies. 

Everyone’s inner dialogue would be so much kinder if we treated ourselves the way we treat our friends. When our friends talk about their insecurities, we always say beautiful words to them, encouraging them to practice love and forgiveness like ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’ & ‘you’re doing an amazing job’. We sent it to Leo, who felt inspired & imbued his electronic magic.”

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