It’s safe to say that Leire has been making waves as a singer-songwriter plus artist over the past year. Landing Spotify editorial support and going viral on TikTok has only helped her further her career and offering as a writer and artist, and she now arrives with a beautifully present new song in ‘Back To You’.

Written with her boyfriend Atticus Blue, ‘Back To You’ is full melodic surprises, acoustic richness and a real presence from Leire. It’s not often you hear something that’s so easy on the ear, with her emotive vocals floating so graciously over proceedings. There’s a nice mixture of modern pop influences with the production and a nostalgic 00s pop with the writing. It’s the most potent combination, and this heartfelt, uplifting pop song will do you the the world of good.


Leire says I wrote this song in January, with my boyfriend, Atticus Blue. I knew I wanted to write a song about my hometown and friends, but I couldn’t find the way to get it right. This time it just happened very easily, from the idea that no matter what happens, I’m safe because I’m just a flight away from home. We finished it that same day, along with most of the production.”


Listen to ‘Back To You’ HERE.