LaVo brings a passion that can only be desired and taken in. The experimental indie-pop artist loves to explore the variations within genres and push the sounds he can venture to the limit, and he returns with another belter of a song in ‘Enemy’.

Definitely reaching for the stars in this up tempo and transcendent offering, LaVo makes his sound known from the off; catchy, hook ridden indie-pop music with a groove that just won’t stop throughout. His vocals also hit you from the very start, melodically flowing and expertly delivered. Giving the nod to the likes of The 1965 and Tame Impala, ‘Enemy’ is a mover that will have you dancing like there’s no tomorrow.


LaVo explains:

“At first I felt like I was writing this song from a point of attack. Through the process of finishing it, it became more about the duality we feel within ourselves and our relationship with others we hold close. I think it’s always easy to pick an “enemy” these days, But it’s never easy to see yourself as one. I think we have all wondered if that person you’re thinking about is simultaneously thinking about you. It’s always been one of those things I’ve wondered, maybe laughed at the possibility even but I do think there’s something beautiful about it.”