Written by: Melanie Gomez

Laust Sonne is a Scandinavian multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer from Copenhagen, Denmark. After playing drums in the Danish rock band D-A-D, releasing two albums with his band Dear, and playing drums and guitar in Bugpowder, Laust is now focusing on solo music.

We’re not surprised, because in 2008 he managed to release a hit with the song his “Spell On You.” What’s cool about Laust is that his music is catchy and mainstream radio friendly, but at the same, he’s the songwriter behind it. According to Laust, a good song will work with any styling.

His latest song “Reckless” was originally released as an unplugged/acoustic track, but Laust brought it back as a romantic pop song with lyrics like, “I’m all in, I’m all for you.” Pretty amazing how an acoustic song can be turned to such an infectious pop ballad huh?

Throughout the colorful video for “Reckless” you see Laust singing and playing every instrument in a room full of neon lights. Outside, he drives a Porsche through clouds of brightly colored smoke, performing in the middle of them.

Check out the video for “Reckless” below:

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