You cannot confine a musical artist like Larry Jay because he is not afraid to break the mould and bear his beautiful soul for the world to see through his art. Once again, the award-winning country pop singer-songwriter bestows the music lovers with another uplifting glimpse of his musical prowess with his new single, Worldwide Party Day, released via MTS Records. This song is the perfect punch of optimism, and kudos to Larry Jay for voicing the sentiments of millions of people across the globe through his euphoric lyrics. 

The melancholic song has an infectious beat and one cannot help but sing along the rhythm of the euphonious melody. As the title insinuates, the track has a celebratory theme as it paints a beautiful sketch that makes us want to look forward to the end of the pandemic. It’s all about breaking free, showing love, and having some fun once again when the restrictions are over. Larry says, “We all want to get out, not stay at home, I can’t wait for summer 2021, the virus got me once, but now I want to have some fun.” We must say, this song oozes a much-needed dose of positive energy that we all needed in our lives to feel all rainbows and sunshine amidst the pandemic. 

You can check out the song, Worldwide Party Day, here.

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