The Texas blonde bombshell with the signature high heels and a million social media followers premieres her second single of 2021 on March 19th.

Lady Redneck’s new single, “Why” premiers on Friday, March 19th, 2021. It’s Lady Redneck’s second single of the year and will be included on her next album. This single was recorded in the studio of Grammy Award winner Brad Davis (The Shredder) with a running time of just under four minutes.

The song starts with a plaintive steel guitar and the broken-hearted questioning of a fragmented relationship. The steel guitar weaves in and out throughout the song with its mournful sound that mirrors the emotion of the questioning and hopeful pleading of a forsaken lover, enhanced by the foundation of a cello. The soft, heart-felt vocals are unmistakably Lady Redneck. Fans of Lady Redneck will likely find this a favorite.

“‘Why’ is the name of the song. I think it’s going to be one of my best songs yet. I really put a lot of emotion into it. I think a lot of people are going to be able to relate to it, and that’s what music is about!” – Lady Redneck

“Lady Redneck” has been recording music since 2011 when she released her first original single “Love Me Baby,” which garnered international attention. Because of her stunning appearance, she is often compared to other blonde bombshells like Dolly Parton and Marilyn Monroe. While her looks make the comparison easy, the dynamic personality and effervescence of Lady Redneck are all her own.



Growing up in the Idaho town of Idaho Falls, LADY REDNECK (aka Stephanie Lee) was exposed to and started inmusic at a very young age. Dad played guitar, piano, and banjo (to name a few) while also playing in various bands. Eventually he started a family band that included Lady Redneck and her sisters. They played together for several years.

Although the family band played everything from country to rock-and-roll to old-time music with the saxophone or flute included, country was the genre that captured the heart of LADY REDNECK. She now lives in Texas and started sharing her music on Facebook and Instagram several years ago. YouTube soon followed. Her followers have reached a million and continue to grow. She is always flexing her own cutting-edge fashion, which always includes her signature high-heeled shoes. Stephanie immediately commands attention with an unmistakable presence. LADY REDNECK shares her authenticity through her forthright music and charismatic personality, ultimately revealing herself without filter and with a whole lot of dynamite.