The one and only Lady Redneck pops onto the music scene with her new single, the aptly titled “I Dented Your Truck.” It’s a refreshingly simple and enjoyable song that stands out next to other popular country songs out now.

“I Dented Your Truck” is a very enjoyable song despite how bare and simple it is mainly due to the amount of personality Lady Redneck herself brings to the song. It’s a fun track, so people coming to here to find some serious topics will be left disappointed, but that’s not a knock on the song at all.

There’s a surprising amount of wit attached to the single thanks to the charming voice of one Lady Redneck, also known as Stephanie Lee, who plays the song off with a lot of charisma. Thanks to her sassy demeanor, she manages to carry the song and its joke perfectly without any trouble whatsoever.

The song is mainly about the lead singer, who as the title implies, accidentally dents her husband’s truck. She feels awful about this however, so she’s willing to make up for it. Along the way, she also goes shopping in order to feel less bad about the problem, and even finds some cute shoes. It’s all extremely tongue-in cheek, and it takes the joke quite far without running it out.

There isn’t too much more to dissect from the song, considering how much it leans into the lighthearted side of country music, and thanks to this it avoids falling into the obvious pitfalls songs like this often fall into. Overwrought singing and overtly descriptive lyrics are avoided completely in exchange for a nice fun time, and we appreciate this.

Musically, “I Dented Your Truck” also isn’t anything too crazy, and that’s fine. It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s trying to get across its joke and it does that well. Adding more embellishments would risk making the song annoying, so as it is, it’s more than complete enough.

Overall, the new single from Lady Redneck is an enjoyably fun little piece of country music that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. It’s not going to enthrall people who are looking for some deeper meaning in their music, but for those who have a sense of humor, it’s a blast to listen to.

–Jason Airy