The new release from LADY INDIRAA, the sensation blending Indian music with dance floor energy, is SHRINK ’21. This is a track which signals a new direction for the artist after a horse riding accident which nearly cost her her life. In SHRINK, LADY INDIRAA reminds us that it’s okay to ask for help, something which is vital to remember while the world is turned upside down.

Already a top ten Dance Chart hit when it was released a decade ago, a gaggle of impressive house music names have added their oomph to a song that was originally an homage to Lady Indiraa’s therapist, the person she cites as helping her through one of the most traumatic times in her life – a near-fatal riding accident.

Soulshaker, Andy Galea and Block & Crown have upped the ante on what was already a winner, and Shrink 21 comes at a time that’s not only poignant for Lady Indiraa – who’s ready to take on the music world again after her self-imposed hiatus following the death of her mother – but for everyone during these crazy, crazy times.