The Evocative Song Is The Debut Track From The Enigmatic Artist’s New Album Tales Moste Wretched, Vol. 1


Avant-garde LA artist Creature Benny, who describes himself as “kind of a campfire, punk singer-songwriter” thanks to his amateurish approach to guitar-playing and anti-establishment/generally alienated lyrical content, has unveiled the video for his latest single “Rock And Roll (My Face Off).” The video is available here: Creature Benny “Rock And Roll (My Face Off”


The song, which appears on the recently-released 18-track album Tales Moste Wretched, Vol. 1, as well as a previously-released digital 7” entitledC.B.3, is defined by the artist as “sick” and “an encapsulation of the whole Creature Benny deal ” – which is why he felt so passionately about creating the video to support it.


“’Rock and Roll (My Face Off)’ is close to my heart, because my brother wrote the first verse and chorus, and came up with the original guitar idea back in early 2016,” said Benny. “We never finished it back then, but I never forgot it either…because it was cool. Then, in 2020, when the Pandemic hit and everything became so tough with the persistent and pervasive feeling that we all live in ‘Bizarro World,’ and all the news you’d hear being bad news about real suffering, I thought to myself, ‘hey, remember that one song?’”


Starting back in 2016 when he lived in a closet/studio situation in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Benny has been writing and DIY-recording songs about spooky protagonists, feeling weird, and being bewildered/unimpressed by where we’re at as a species. He’d had vague plans to release music one day, but when 2020 got intense, it galvanized his resolve to tie up loose ends and put a collection together.


Using an interface, a stage mic, and Garageband, Benny finished Tales Moste Wretched, Vol. 1 in a closet/studio adjoining his former living quarters (now attached to a bedroom, rather than doubling as one). During the prolific period between 2016 and 2019, the songs that will be released under Creature Benny phases II and III were also written. They are locked, loaded, and 80 percent recorded/produced on a hard drive, to be polished and released over this year and the next.


Benny enlisted the help of Kelvin Ite (@kelvin_illustrations1) to create the animated lyric video for “Rock and Roll (My Face Off)” and says he hopes that others connect with the song’s message that “though the world may be f*cked, it’s a poor life choice to allow that fact to monopolize your brain. Go outside – the sun might be shining.”


“The idea I’d most like anyone to take away from the project is that you can figure out how to do what you want to do, and doing what you want is an end in itself,” he said. “If you make something then it will exist, which means it was worth doing. That’s why you did it. And once you’ve done something, you’ll always be able to point to it as something you did, because it exists because you did it. So, do something you want to do. You can do it!”


Creature Benny plans to begin releasing songs and videos from Tales Moste Wretched, Vol. 2 starting in later 2021.


Creature Benny can be found on all DSPs, SoundCloud, and iTunes. Follow on Instagram and YouTube @CreatureBenny.

About Creature Benny

Creature Benny is a project by music industry professional Benton Oliver, who works in management helping artists, bands, and producer clients manage their careers. Benton has also worked with live music organizations including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, Preservation Hall, and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.


Prior to launching Creature Benny, Oliver recorded and released music under the name “goodie.” goodie music was conveyed primarily through rapping, almost entirely over self-produced beats made with YouTube drum loops layered with self-recorded acoustic guitar and other instruments. Songs also took the form of instrumental piano pieces, introspective caterwauling over violins, bongos, and harmonicas, and FL Studios-produced beats. All goodie music is available on Bandcamp at (