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Cruel Love,” the first single from my upcoming EP, All My Lost Chances Are Beautiful (out Nov 8th), was inspired by falling in love with somebody in an impossible situation.


Someone who wasn’t ready to love – not even ready to love themselves – but still falling for them completely.


Hear my new single, produced by Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy), on
SoundCloud / Spotify.


Thank you to Exclaim! for premiering the official “Cruel Love” video.

You can also watch the visuals on YouTube.


All My Lost Chances Are Beautiful Artwork by Marie-Hélène Bellavance


The song is about genuinely trying to let go of someone because of truly loving them and wanting them to grow and heal.


Cruel Love” finds optimism while grappling with the confusion of a broken heart.


The track was born out of the first full collaboration between myself and producer Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy). We would spend late nights discussing life and our inspirations, which led to us riffing back and forth to create the songs that form

All My Lost Chances Are Beautiful.


Thank you for listening.


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Photo by Bryce Zimmerman