Credit: Sarah Falugo

Bay Area native KTL effortlessly blends soulful indie-folk melodies with electronic elements. With a style rooted in story-driven songwriting and fingerstyle guitar, his music has captivated audiences at venues throughout the San Francisco area, from Sofar Sounds to the Santa Cruz Musical Festival. Following the successful release of his latest single, “When I’m Awake,” he returns with another hypnotically whimsical offering, “Home It Comes.”

“Home It Comes” is a folk-infused breath of fresh air and an uplifting reminder to trust the ebb and flow of our lives. Opening with a delicate mix of finger-picked guitar and nature sounds, the track grows into a euphoric chorus with KTL’s impactful vocals and harmonies. The shimmering single showcases KTL’s ability to craft imaginative soundscapes and heartfelt narratives.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, KTL explains, “‘Home It Comes’ is a song that can be summed up by the old saying, ‘if you love something, let it go.’ It’s about not holding on too tightly to the things or people you care about in your life but letting them ebb and flow and having confidence that they will return to you in time. One example of this for me is my relationship with music – I have a deep love for music and music making, but oftentimes things aren’t working right, or I’m not getting the results I want, and I have to recognize that I can’t force it, but have to have patience and give things room to breathe.”

Bay Area-raised/NYC-based singer-songwriter and producer KTL (Kyle Tessier-Lavigne) draws influence from artists such as Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Howard, and Jose Gonzalez. Originally a classically-trained guitarist, he seamlessly fuses indie, folk, and electro-pop elements to create a sound all his own. His music received support from publications including Music Crowns, Tinnitist, Flex, and more. His latest release, “Home It Comes,” features KTL’s soaring vocals set to an intricate instrumental arrangement.

“Home It Comes” is out now across platforms. Listen here

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