A beautiful story told through the eyes of Brazil natives, New York Natives, and an extremely talented animator, “Guele Guele” is an inspiring and collaborative work of art. Kristen Mather created a video that tells the story of how she was able to record and release this song. She reached out to her friends and colleagues to tell this story through an artistic perspective. The music video contains beautiful clips of Brazil and shows this sense of community within the country. Kristen merges the two worlds she is a part of through the use of images from Brazil and New York. The story follows Roque Ferreira as he writes songs for the album Clarao on a typewriter in Northeast Brazil. Ferreira is a very well-known composer in Brazil and his music is filled with vivid imagery. He is a one-of-a-kind in Brazil and many people follow his work. The story in the music video contains drawings of Ferreira composing on his typewriter paired with live video of parts of Brazil. Ferreira is then drawn to finish composing, taking the paper from the typewriter, and putting it in a bottle to send off to New York. The graphic artist shows the bottle floating in the ocean on its way to New York. Kristen Mather recollects how difficult it was to make this video happen because of the pandemic and shelter in place orders. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and cooperation from her partners to put this lovely video together. She had a friend in Brazil, Vitor Hirtsch, who took videos of the country and sent them over. She asked Alessio Romano to film places in New York. Finally, Eduardo Belo animated the video to include the storyline that pays homage to Roque Ferreira as well as depicts the wonderful imagery that comes from Ferreira’s composition. This music video is very well put together and sparks a very warm and comforting emotion. “Guele Guele” is truly a masterpiece and incredible work of art.

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