That’s right. The ‘Get Back to Love’ superstar isn’t letting anything slow him down. Even in the face of massive global upheaval, Kris James is preparing to release ‘Naive’, the follow up to the fun and funky ‘Get Back to Love’ and the latest single in advance of his upcoming debut album, The Highs and Lows of Life


‘Naive’ is the tale of looking back on a certain situation and realising that someone was taking advantage of you. But James is not one to wallow. Instead of approaching this potentially sombre topic with a negative outlook, Kris James has taken the power of hindsight and turned this cautionary tale into the song of the summer. 


‘Naive’ makes use of a light-hearted melody, with the addition of brass parts which are so indicative of current musical trends. Accompanying this are the sort of lyrics you’d expect from the pages of Kris James’ diary. “Guess I was naive / Didn’t spot the trouble / Now, hey, I’m fine on my own” sings James with a self-assurance we should all aspire to, owning up to his past mistakes with a shrug, and no more than a fleeting backwards glance. The exuberant instrumentation and Kris’ ever-impressive vocal performance really highlights the newfound confidence and carefree attitude which Kris James is now sporting. 


Due later this year, (once life is back to normal again) Kris James’ debut full-length – The Highs and Lows of Love and Life – is set to be loaded with real stories from Kris’s life, crafted into songs that never lose their ease on the ear, whilst maintaining his trademark lyrical depth. ‘When I pick up an album, I want to love the whole thing, not just tracks one, four and eight. My mindset whilst writing was that if this proves to be the last thing I ever release, I want it to be a definitive statement; to be the best it can be.’ The Highs and Lows of Love and Life is that, and a whole lot more.


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