Kris James is back just in time for the party season! But it’s not just his funk-fuelled party anthem ‘Get Back to Love’ that he’s treating us with. He’s also, as of last month, currently gracing a much-coveted billboard spot in the world-renowned Times Square. 


These two pieces of excellent news come hot on the heels of his previous releases, namely the top 40 hits ‘Eyes Open’, ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘Anymore’, all of which showed James getting to grips with his solo career (after enjoyed years of international fame with The Scheme) and finding his feet. Now firmly established as a musician in his own right, James has released a different kind of love song.


“I thought after a while of writing deep and meaningful tracks it was time to drop a fun and funky disco love song,” says James of the track which really will get the party started this festive season. It’s an undeniably catchy tune which takes inspiration from the worlds of disco and pop and ties it all together with James’ heartfelt vocals.


To celebrate the release of this infectious tune, Kris James has reached another career milestone. That’s right, his face is currently plastered on a billboard in Times Square, for all the world to see. Speaking about this highlight on social media, James admitted this was something he’d been dreaming of since he was a little boy. “Don’t give up on your dreams guys!” urges the grateful and inspirational pop star.


Times Square truly is lucky to have him.