Kris James gears up to release the exuberant ‘Naive’


Kris James is back to prove that you can’t keep a good man down. ‘Naive’, Kris James’ latest move to single-handedly reinvent the pop song, sees him at his most mature and personal. Combining current trends of pop with first-hand experience of the music industry in his lyrics, James has crafted a song which sounds and seems like him coming home.


With every new release, Kris James can be seen maturing in his sound, with Music Week naming him as one to watch, and 1883 describing his music as “very personal and introspective”. This might just be his most personal track yet.


‘Naive’ begins with a laidback, summery guitar melody which instantly calls to mind rooftop gardens and cocktails in the sunshine. The chorus is exuberant and full of energy, with a crowd joining in the celebration of self-reliance and acceptance, accompanied by a carnival-inspired brass section. 


‘Naive’ is a song which details the ups and downs of Kris’ journey to get to this point. His is a backwards journey from pop stardom towards authenticity as the singer of his own songs. “Guess I was naive / Didn’t spot the trouble / Now, hey, I’m fine on my own,” sings James with a level headedness and acceptance that we should all aspire to. 


Self-penned by Kris James himself alongside his co-writer Stewart Boyle, the track was written in James’ hometown of Liverpool and recorded in London. Maturing in both his lyrical and musical style, the track acts as a marker for the next chapter not only in Kris’ music, but Kris as a person. It sees him being truly analytic and perceptive in his observations of his past, turning these observations into a catchy pop song, sure, but one with added depth. 


Due later this year, Kris James’ debut full-length – The Highs and Lows of Love and Life – is set to be loaded with real stories from Kris’ life, crafted into songs that never lose their ease on the ear, whilst maintaining his trademark lyrical depth. “I want it to be a definitive statement; to be the best it can be,” says James. The Highs and Lows of Love and Life is that, and a whole lot more. 


So what’s next for this triumphant superstar? Well, with the stage set for a stellar full-

length debut – in 2020, Kris James is definitely one to watch! Follow him on Tik Tok @mrkrisjames to stay in-the-loop!

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