Jim Kremidas, artistically known as Kremidas, has a new album out now called Hold On Tight

Like a poet, Kremidas weaves songs with memories, experiences and stories of the journey of life. In this brand new album, songs are entirely instrumental and inspired by a “happy accident”. It is an album full of optimistic tones and melodies, expressing the beauty of life all around us. 

Kremidas says: 

“As we were all sequestered due to Covid, music became the sedative that kept me sane. At the same time I was looking at life and the conclusion that is inevitable. That led me to reflect on what I’ve been able to do. Did I make mistakes….yes!! However, we learn from them. So, there should not be regrets….only apologies and learning to not repeat our errors.”

His last album “Mid-life Crisis” was more of a blend of vocals and instrumentals, and showcased Jim´s baritone voice. In this new album, however, the instrumental tracks showcase Jim´s full talents as a multi–instrumentalist. Kremidas is skilled on the acoustic and electric guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, dobro, dulcimer, ukulele and the banjo. Many of these instruments feature on Hold On Tight:

“I play music wherever I am, and I find playing pedal steel is a good foot in the door for playing with new people I meet.” , says Jim. 

For a long time, Kremidas was playing for wedding bands, in bars as part of a country or solo band and has played opening sets for artists such as John Bonamassa, Hank Williams Jr. and Johnny A. Most. His solo albums consolidate this rich performing experience with more personal themes. Influences include folk musicians like Leo Kottke, Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss as well as Sting and The Beatles. The title track of the album is reminiscent of the guitar melodies of Led Zeppelin. 

Whether you are an old or new fan, Hold On Tight is sure to capture delight with a mix of emotional melody, atmospheric instrumentals and guitar synth sounds. 

Listen here:

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