Armed with synth-pop sensibilities and an exquisite singer-songwriter vibe throughout, you’ll find yourself instantly singing the track from the first note. A strong advocate for self expression, connection and purposeful creation, Koza mentioned, “I think we are starting to see a lot of female artists that are in control of their career and business. They choose their team according to their values and needs, and they stand for causes that they are passionate about. I love it and I’d like to be one of those women who makes a difference.”

Speaking about her new release, Koza shares, “Heart Bleeds is about not shying away from relishing in the nostalgia of a love that makes you feel alive. It’s an ode to the kind of love that is beyond time, togetherness or separation, and the sole beauty of it irreverently changing you.”

“The creative process spanned from the start of my journey in London to travels through my hometown of Istanbul, encompassing both the girl in love with love, and the woman I am now; unafraid and enamoured,” adds Koza.