“Head Rush” by Seattle duo Kitty Junk was unexpected in the best way. Sticking with their heavy metal and death punk taste, this song suits their style and sends a message people in today’s world needs to hear.

I was not expecting the slower and more acoustic build into the power of the bridge leading into the first chorus; this added an element into the song that was almost calming. The punk-inspired vocals and guitar complimented the more classic rock drum lines as the song progressed into its first verse.

The message of the song came through clearly: mental health matters. Interest was given to the pieces of 80s rock mixed into the chorus. The dynamic voice of the lead singer sent chills down my spine, and I was very impressed by the group’s overall sound and message. The outro is what brought me down to Earth after escaping to the heavy metal melodies. It was a lovely conclusion to the song, giving listeners a chance to become grounded and reflect on the song.

Kitty Junk is a force to be reckoned with, and this duo continues to be dynamite. Their sound is comparable to the likes of Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle, and it will capture listeners one claw at a time.

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