The inspiration for my new track, “Run With You,” came from reflecting on one of my musical heroes who I’d opened for during my time as a member of Hey Rosetta!


Before one gig in Toronto I passed her in a stairwell. It was just the two of us. I complimented her sequin skirt. She smiled the most beautiful smile.

Some people had said in the past that she had an attitude but I think that maybe she was misunderstood. In that moment in the stairwell, I only saw goodness. 

She gave off the vibe of, “Who cares what anyone thinks anyway?” 

This song is an homage to her, expressing my appreciation for all the music she has written.

The Bluegrass Situation was kind enough to host the official premiere of “Run With You” –


I recorded “
Run With You” with Greg Alsop of Tokyo Police Club,, who had recently moved to PEI from LA. He added some synths that were the perfect vibe I was trying to capture: a hint of the rock and roll feeling while still sounding like myself. I then worked with Colin Buchanan to complete the song.


My cousin, Liam Corcoran (Two Hours Traffic) sang harmony on the track. I’m glad I was able to connect Greg and Liam as they have gone on to record more music together.


Thanks for listening. If you like what you hear, feel free to share with a friend.








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