Kidd Clxoud was born in a small town called Port Arthur, TX. Kidd was raised around a melodic family, and Port Arthur was firmly known for the music and the craftsmen that developed the groundwork of that town. that then affected Kidd to proceed with the tradition of such countless greats.

Kidd’s formal music venture began in 2015 with his friend John, who goes by the name JL3. They later delivered a single, “Serena” that became Kidd’s number one tune on SoundCloud.

Kidd proceeded to deliver one mixtape titled “The New Prince of Pop” and two singles named “By my Side” and “In my Arms,” which was received well. Kidd later took some time off from the music business to zero in on school. After sitting tight for quite some time, he’s presently delivering his first EP project named, “Apocalyptic.”

Kidd’s biggest influences on this project are the old school legends such as Prince, Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Five Heartbeats, and many other greats.