Kick and the Hug’s classic rock single features many current events that are a part of the here and now, and these events are things many people who were just born within the last few years will never get to experience. The band is known to create music for people who are considered old enough to have kids of their own. Kick and The Hug is taking on a more progressive approach by being a band raised from the internet. They got their start shortly before the pandemic hit and have continued making music virtually from different parts of the country, sharing their work through the internet. 

The band chooses to highlight some key moments of the year 2020 through their song lyrics. The lyrics are meant to display some very good and very bad things that younger generations have witnessed and lived through. For instance, one lyric mentions being up with a mask on. This line is directed at the many children who don’t recognize life without a mask because they have only grown up in a world where masks are required before heading out. Another line mentions those who will never know what it’s like to go to a live concert because all the shows have been virtual and vastly different from how they once were. There are two more song lyrics that should be pointed out as they are directed towards technology. The lyrics mention TikTok and how much time is spent on it as well as addressing a time before cars were able to drive themselves. Thus, the song refers to people being “Born Too Late” because of the time they live in now. 

Although the song appears to be upbeat and follow the rock style, the lyrics hold that underlying feeling of how tragic the past year has been on older generations as well as the younger ones. The song re-lives some of the great times before the pandemic hit, when people could host concerts and after-parties and get a ride back home because they were under the influence. People who were unable to live through those times are considered to be “Born Too Late” and instead live the life of masks, death, and virtual concerts. The musical melody created for this song is a major contrast to the deep, dark emotions accompanying the lyrics. 

The band’s classic rock approach brings back some similar sounding bands that were very popular in the early 2000s. The first band that comes to mind when listening to Kick and The Hug’s latest single is the Foo Fighters. Known for their classic rock sound and raw vocals, the Foo Fighters have released some amazing hit songs throughout the years. “Born Too Late” gives off a similar rock sound and appears to include vocals that sound very much like Dave Grohl. Another classic rock band that was very popular was Queens of the Stone Age, who also creates a rock sound not far from what Kick and The Hug have created. This band was also very well recognized through their vocal effects, which Kick and The Hug seemed to follow in their footsteps. Not only do these bands fit the sound of Kick and The Hug, but they also add to the band’s brand of making music for people old enough to have children. This single has a deep underlying message for those from younger generations and this song is a perfect representation of the year 2020 from a band who created and grew during the pandemic. 


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