Stunning imagery from the first note, ‘Feel Alive’ is a complete visionary to listen to. Interpreting it however you wish, the track tells the story of breaking down your walls and being your true self at all costs. A powerful artist in his own right, Ki-Jung’s talents don’t just stop at music. An entrepreneur with a fantastic business mindset, Ki-Jung is also known for his spiritual, caring nature.

“My aspiration is to work from now until eternity at bettering myself and, in the process, helping others. I believe in the healing power of sincere friendships and seek to spread the message of compassion in sort of an ecumenical, non-discriminating way. Everyone needs and deserves dignity and respect, and I work in my everyday life and interactions with others to express my gratitude for their presence in my life.” – Ki-Jung

Adding to the track’s message, Ki-Jung shares, “Feel Alive is about allowing our inner self break out and express wonderment at the glow of true, time-tested love.”