Tongue ‘n’ cheek lyricism with biting sarcasm and subtle irony are at the heart of Tony Baltimore’s latest offering ‘Sit Still’. Catchy and impactful as ever but also demonstrating a great sense of humour, Baltimore manages to create a track full of life that is not only a solid track within itself but doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Built around a full band sound: tight guitar riffs, bass and drums under Baltimore’s lead vocal, ‘Sit Still’ is simplistic yet effective, not needing massive production in order for the track to be an enjoyable listen. This no-nonsense, classic approach to recording is partly what adds to the single’s charm, reflecting Tony’s raw, unfiltered, 8 gig a week approach to being a musician.

Speaking on how ‘Sit Still’ was written Tony explains:

“Sit Still is really just a silly, tongue-in-cheek song that when we started recording it I thought sounded like an early 70’s Rolling Stones mimic. When I first wrote it I never expected it to be on a record at all but here it is as a single!”

Produced by Ian Shaw (Portugal. The Man, Barb Jungr) and released by Conch Town Records, ‘Sit Still’ is taken from the upcoming album ‘Let’s All Go Insane’. Having made a name for himself as one of the hardest working musicians in his home City of Key West, Tony has already proved that his dedication to his music and undeniable talent are more than enough to have a hugely successful music career.