Kenton Place serves up hard rock done right with the fiery “Pride Never Lasts.” They conjure up wide-open spaces, for theirs is a dignified sound. Quite skillfully, they nicely embody a fine quiet-loud dynamic. One may recognize elements of post-rock that enter into the fray. Much of the atmosphere certainly lends itself to such an experience, with every single layer adding to the epic swath of the entire piece. From beginning to end, their stately refrain, thoughtful lyricism, and gracious guitar riffs help punctuate the sheer power of their message.

From the very first moment, they let the tone take hold. The song has a steadiness to it, which seems to double down on its sheer heft. Drums have a force of nature quality to them. Much of the tactile sensibility brings to mind some of Mogwai’s gradual buildups. Absolutely jaw-dropping, they incorporate an ever-larger amount of color into the array. Going further and further into the fray, there is a power to be felt, making sure that it gradually releases that initial tension. Out of that tension, a catharsis occurs, which has a reassuring presence to it. Drums kick up a storm with the rest of the group following close by as the work loosens up, letting all the pent-up energy out.

“Pride Never Lasts” features an array of lush waves of sound, revealing Kenton Place to be an exceptionally talented band that is just getting started.

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