I wrote “City Lights” when I was 16, a song about my dreams of a picture-perfect relationship. It’s something I wish I had—both back then, and to this day.

Even though I’ve never experienced it, I wanted to create this story where it does play out. In this song, I paint this dreamy picture of being with a loved one under the city lights and the night sky.
Revisiting the song now gave me a chance to make it something closer to the music I listen to nowadays, using production that I feel more closely fits the lyrics.

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I feel like I’ve watched too many coming-of-age stories. It sucks to feel like you’ve never had any main character moments in your own life, unlike what you see in those movies and tv shows.

I wrote this to try to capture for myself, what it might feel like to live a life of young and carefree moments. I hope that when you listen to “City Lights,” you can feel those moments too.

Thank you for spending time with this song,