Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, your way of thinking.


After I started reading about stoicism, I was inspired to write “What Can I Do?,” the newest single from my new album, Superficial Hypocrite – both of which are officially out for you to hear today.


After the death of my brother, I entered a really dark place within myself. This philosophy really helped me out of it. I found Marcus Aurelius’ readings to be absolutely influential in beginning to repair my life and my perspective.


Producing the song is just as important to the writing process as arrangement or melody writing. I developed my own techniques through concepts from impressionism oil painting and Hemingway’s style of writing short stories. I’d have my vision, listen to the song and make changes in my head, record in layers, listen, then record/mix new ideas on top. Layering like in oil painting.

Listen to “What Can I Do?” on SoundCloud or Spotify now.

My studio (Casa de Keith’s) was built using Facebook groups – PALZ Trading Zone and All buttons In.


 I wrote, recorded, re-recorded, wrote, re-recorded, and repeated until I was able to fully flesh out my vision. By the time Superficial Hypocrite was recorded and mixed, I had put in close to a few thousand hours of practice. I got up to mix 70 on “What Can I Do?,” listening through my Amazon Alexa, car stereos, everything I could. I was lucky enough to have Brian Lucey master my tracks. He’s mastered some of my all time favourite records, and it was a really enjoyable experience.


If you like what you hear enough to share with another pair of ears, I would be very appreciative. 😊



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