Here at Indie Music we love a good music video. Our new staff favourite – Kael Alden who we’ve be covering since his single ‘How Can You Sit There?’, has recently released another one where he stars and directs it (talk about a one man band!). It’s an immersive and visceral experience from start to finish, cleverly using slow-mo to engage the viewer. Check it out below!

As a child who grew up in a small Colorado town in the 80s, Kael Alden loves to reminisce about road trips through the rockies, blasting motown and classic rock on the AM radio. Or staying up late, spinning whichever records his parents left on the turntable until the sun came up. One theme runs throughout all of his favorite memories; music.

That child has gone on to have great success as a TV/film composer since, and also with his indie band Faded Paper Figures. He now turns the lens inward as he embarks on his most personal and artistically sound work to date. His debut album, ‘Saturated Highs’ is slated for release Aug 19th 2022, incorporating elements of synthwave, soul, RnB, and psychedelia to form something entirely his own. 

Focus track and video Shiver is arguably the quintessential track on the record, defining the ebbs and flows that make Alden’s sound what it is. Fluent is one word that comes to mind when describing his talents, but there’s more depth than just that. The visuals – which are the final part of the puzzle for Kael to stand up against the greats in the electronic world in terms of quality such as James Blake, Kaytranada, or even Nick Hakim – are self-directed and produced, and a perfect example of why Kael Alden should be a name known all over the world.