Kael Alden has embarked on a solo mission. His destination is yet to be discovered, but single How Can You Sit There? Gives us a great expectation of what’s to come from the songwriter, formerly in the band Faded Paper Figures. While politically driven, it’s his infectious melodies that serenade us throughout, keeping us in a trance right up until the very end.

As a child who grew up in a small Colorado town in the 80s, Kael Alden loves to reminisce about his Nintendo addiction at age 5, beating the original Zelda over and over just to hear the end-credits song. Or his insomnia at age 6, spinning whichever records his parents left on the turntable until the sun came up. One theme runs throughout all of his favorite memories; music. 

That child has gone on to have great success as a TV/film composer since, and also with his indie band Faded Paper Figures. He now turns the lens inward as he embarks on his most personal and artistically sound work to date. His debut album, ‘Saturated Highs’ is slated for release Aug 19th 2022, incorporating elements of synthwave, soul, RnB, and psychedelia to form something entirely his own. 

Focus Single How can you sit there? beautifully captures the spirit of the album both sonically and lyrically, and touches on the poignant issue being highlighted today in the Trump riot hearings. Kael can only be compared to creative moguls such as James Blake, James Vincent McMorrow, or even Nick Hakim.

He describes what it felt like to be re-inventing himself as an artist, as a father, a husband, and a citizen of Earth during pandemic-infused geo-political meltdown.

“That was a dark time, and some of that definitely reflects in this album. The whole thing pretty much plays like a conversation with my therapist. All I could do to move forward was make music. I don’t know if it will make any difference out there in the world, but it sure helps me work out my own shit.”

You can watch the new music video for How Can You Sit There? below.