Alternative Desktop Doom artist K4LT (spoken “Kalt” german for “cold”) has cooked up a rather icy collection of dark, atmospheric tracks on moody new EP “Endgame”, out May 12, 2021 on digital platforms. K4LT creates his own unique sound signature by taking on elements of ambient electronica, post-rock, doom metal, alternative and post-punk.

The artist shares:
“Endgame” is the antithesis to a debut album – it’s an exhausted commentary about regularly finding yourself in an ominous state, trying to make sense of that and then getting back on your feet. There’s no alternative but to move forward as there’s great moments in life and the music also depicts that. It just seems that gravity on this planet seems to always increase. However, I’m still an optimist and there’s many good things happening every day and isn’t that something to wake up for?

Synths really play a big part in “Endgame”. I was always guitar focused but wanted to move away a bit from classical, guitar driven songwriting. Don’t get me wrong, a great riff is awesome but on most songs, the purpose of the guitar is to layer the “despair” within the song instead of dominating its structure. Composing with Ableton really changed my approach to songwriting. Now, I always start out with tiny loops and then try to make sense of it. I guess the nights in Berlin’s techno bunkers also made me appreciate repetitive patterns a lot more.”

K4LT from Berlin plays Desktop Doom. Founded in 2017, the solo project revolves around the universal feeling of being lost. The dark and bassy character of many songs is lend from Berlins´ striving techno scene, while the desperate guitar aesthetic is derived from Doom, lacking the often typical archetype and aggression. In contradiction to nowaday´s universal accessibility of perfection, K4LT´s music leaves room for imperfections and forms those into a display of contemporary, mobile-first insecurity and despair.


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