Written by: Melanie Gomez

Justin Allen and the Well Shots is an Alt-Country/Americana group from Nashville, Tennessee consisting of Justin Allen (vocals, guitar, songwriter,) Alex Haddad (lead guitar, backing vocals,) Chris Sanders (drums,) and Kyle Wierzba (bass.) After releasing their album White Oak & Kerosene, the band shortly released a video for their single titled “Angelina.”

According to Justin, ““Angelina” is a story about a girl who is fighting an internal battle of desiring love, but afraid to get hurt, so she keeps everyone at an arms length; while her love interest keeps running after her. A story that, in essence, was a chapter of my life.”

Watching this colorful blue and red toned video, Justin sings out lyrics like, “I’m comin’ for you babe,” and “Are you ready to come back home?,” as he fights for the girl he loves. We couldn’t help but fall for the track’s catchy folk vibe with a touch of some rock n’ roll on the guitar throughout. One of the most interesting parts, that we didn’t expect, was when the song slowed down.

That had to be one of our favorite parts of the whole song because the group cleverly switched things up, all while still making the song work. During that scene in the video, you can clearly see Justin’s face as the effects of the video settle down, making his face more visible, raw with emotion. Now who would wanna run away from a face like that?

Justin has been in bands and writing songs since he was about 13-years old. It’s all he ever wanted to do. So no matter what happens, it looks like Justin will always have his guitar and notebook by his side, making some great music.

Tracklisting for White Oak & Kerosene:
1) Hard Luck Man
2) Come A Little Closer
3) Feeling Alright
4) White Oak & Kerosene
5) Angelina

Check out the video for “Angelina” below:

Justin Allen and the Well Shots: