Junko Daydream is a Canadian Post Hardcore/Emo band of sadbois from London, Ontario, that play hard and cry harder.

They set out to write their new song with only one goal in mind: to write the emo/punk masterwork that MGK was never able to. And that’s how their latest single, “Don’t Go Down,” came to be.

“Don’t Go Down” is the second song that Junko Daydream recorded with Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats at a studio in Dundas, ON, with an interior temperature that can only be likened to a hot yoga studio. The band wanted the video to illustrate that the feelings that societal pressures cause (loneliness, anxiety, alienation, etc.) are universal and cross-cultural. In the same way, the internal steps to overcome these problems remain the same. Regardless of what you’re going through, there’s always somebody else fighting a similar battle.